Never Give Up

Often people give up to easily on things instead of just trying to push through and succeed. My son and I have recently had more than one thing where we have succeeded and if we had given up it would never have happened. I am so glad we never gave up even though we wanted to. The one was getting his SASSA Disability Grant and the other was getting him into college.

My son had been receiving his disability grant from the time he was about ten years old. I received it from them on his behalf. The procedure then was good and simple. You would go in there get the forms make the appointment to see the doctor in three months which was the waiting period. On the day of your appointment you would go in with whatever doctors information you had. He would look at it and look at your child and then submit everything for a decision to be made. A month before my sons eighteenth birthday. I phoned SASSA to find out what happens after he turns eighteen.I was told that we would have to reapply and that it would be a simple process. My son turned 18 on the 10th of December 2016. Just before he turned eighteen I took off work and we went into the offices to get the forms and to make the appointment for the SASSA Doctor. We were told that we would have to go to the clinic and get the forms filled in. Which we tried the first doctor at Edenvale Clinic refused to help us in fact he was really rude.We then eventually found a clinic on the outskirts of Alexandra township and started going there. The doctors there are amazing. The next problem was the SASSA doctor because even though the Alex doctors filled in a form and could see he had a problem they kept declining his grant. The doctors at the clinic would feel sorry every time we went there with new forms.We thought of giving up but the doctors at the clinic and my sons gran convinced us not too and guess what it took a year and a half but we got approved for a six month grant. My son is learning disabled and so he qualifies for a disability grant.

The other we never gave up on was him being able to go to college. He has always wanted to be a chef and run his hotel. We started looking at colleges about two years ago. We eventually found one where he could go with his grade 10 certificate and study hospitality and then cooking but the next problem was how to pay. We decided this year to take a leap of faith and register and apply for a bursary. He sadly did not qualify for the bursary but our consultant who we had been dealing with saw how desperate we were for him to study. He had heard of a sponsor looking to sponsor a child and put Tristan’s name down. They met with my son briefly and approved his sponsorship.

We never knew how either of these things were going to happen but we never give up. Whatever it is in life you want but don’t know how to get don’t give up.


The Hardships of life

I started this blog due to something that happened in my life

So I decided to start this blog in part so that I can tell my story but so that others can tell there story. We look forward to hearing from you