Save our beloved Country

Who would have thought in the beginning of this year that my country South Africa would have a new president so soon into the New Year.

While I don’t know much about politics, I do know enough to know our country needed it as times are really tough.

I sort of feel sorry for him as I feel he has a huge mess to clean up. He really has a tough job ahead of him but I believe hr can do it.

I believe that our country still needs a lot of prayers as the economy is really bad and Jobs are scarce.

I am currently having to look for a job as my position is being made redundant and I won’t lie, I have never found it so difficult for every 100 jobs you apply for you are lucky to get one call.

Then you go for that interview and you must somehow stand out above all the other applicants. I saw one job where it showed 940 people had already applied.

Our country really needs prayers and so does our new president Cyril Ramaphosa. I pray that he leads our country in the right direction.


Woolworths Staff Flash Mob Customers

Everyday the staff at the Woolworths store in Norwood Mall Flash Mob their customers with the most amazing singing. They do this to try to uplift the spirit in the store.

Daily Post- Who I am and why I am here 

My name is Kerry and I am a single mom to a teenage boy. I have raised my child all by myslef. I had my son when i was eighteen and he was born with mild mental disabilities.We live in South Africa where times are hard for everyone. Our country is in recession and unemployment is at its highest it has ever been in thirteen Years. So times are scary.

I started a blog after a friendship in my life recently ended over money that I could not lend a friend. I wanted to write about my life and about living in South Africa. I would also like to be able to share other people’s life stories. 

I will write about current news, current events, life experiences, parenting, Daily life, hobbies, dreams, the list is endless.

Times are tough in our country. I want to become the best blogger I can be and I want this to be the best blog. I would also like to be able to share other peoples life stories and the struggles they have faced and how they have overcome them.