I am who i am

This is me, This is who i am

I teach English Online and today the comment of one parent whose daughter I taught really upset me. I don’t create the lesson or book the students. All I do is let China know when I am available to teach they or the student book me and book the lesson. All I do is login look at the lesson and teach it.The student is able to view the lesson before I teach it,if they don’t like it they can cancel. I was booked to teach an 8 year old Level 2 girl about using These and Those in a sentence. I had taught this lesson before and new that it was advanced for this level however I have no choice but to teach it.I started the lesson on time, I did the usual of asking the student about there day, What they like etc.I started with the lesson. I knew exactly how much time I needed to spend on each slide to finish within the allocated 25 minutes. I patiently read with the child, corrected her English where needed, guided her etc.I did all this while she was having network problems and going in and out of the lesson. I contacted I.T to help her while trying to teach her. When we reached 25 minutes and the lesson was not yet finished. I typed up in the lesson for her parents to see that I would continue with the lesson and finish it because of the technical problems they were having. I patiently taught her for an additional 15 minutes which I am not supposed to do.Only to have the father leave a complaint about the lesson, my teaching, his network problems and in between it all he said my body looked inappropriate. How he could tell who knows when all they could see was my head.What made him think it was OK to say this?. On top of it the other day I was teaching a junior who typed in Chinese too fat. I mean wow. Yes I am fat, yes i am overweight but what that has to do with English, I don’t know.What gives people the right to speak to someone like that.I am not the healthiest of eaters but I don’t eat lots, I don’t eat lots of junk or take always.I am however a comfort eater.How would he feel if someone said that to his daughter, wife, sister mother, himself and so on.

I may not have been born fat but I put on a lot of weight after I had my son. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, Endometriosis and Asthma.People who have Endometriosis battle to lose weight.

I am who I am

My son was born with a Mild Mental disability and grew up with people thinking it was OK to tell him he was stupid. What makes people think they can speak to someone else like this.

I have people telling me on a daily basis that I am fat and they think it is OK to do so. Do they not think that I see myself in the mirror or everyday. I am so ashamed of my body because of people doing this as someone said you start to hate yourself but I am who I am and you are considered rude if you point out that they are also fat. I mean how dare you turn the tables on them, they are not rude, it was OK for them to do it but how dare you return the favour, I mean that’s just rude. I exercise daily especially because I don’t have a car and probably exercise more than most skinny people.

You mustn’t say something you wouldn’t want said to yourself.

In the words of The Nobel Peace Price winner and legendary poet the late Dr Maya Angelou “people will forget what you said but they won’t forget how you made them feel “.

We are born looking the way we are and you can not change it. We are not born judgemental but we learn how to be.

I am so tired of being judged by others who don’t even know me. Who just presume that I eat a lot and don’t exercise or that my son is stupid. When you say something like that to another person you are setting yourself up for embarrassment when they achieve something better than you ever will.

Why do people have to be so judgemental?. I am tired of being made to feel worse about myself so that they can feel better.


Daily Post- Who I am and why I am here 

My name is Kerry and I am a single mom to a teenage boy. I have raised my child all by myslef. I had my son when i was eighteen and he was born with mild mental disabilities.We live in South Africa where times are hard for everyone. Our country is in recession and unemployment is at its highest it has ever been in thirteen Years. So times are scary.

I started a blog after a friendship in my life recently ended over money that I could not lend a friend. I wanted to write about my life and about living in South Africa. I would also like to be able to share other people’s life stories. 

I will write about current news, current events, life experiences, parenting, Daily life, hobbies, dreams, the list is endless.

Times are tough in our country. I want to become the best blogger I can be and I want this to be the best blog. I would also like to be able to share other peoples life stories and the struggles they have faced and how they have overcome them.