When life gives you Lemons

It is my testimonial and what I have been through in life.

Welcome to my first post on The Hardships of Life. I wanted to call it when life gives you lemons but that is already taken.  I decided to start this blog after recent events in my sons and my life. I wanted us to have somewhere where we can vent, show our frustrations, our gratitude and maybe talk about recent events.

Everyone’s life is hard it is how we handle it that makes the difference.We can either choose to wallow in self pity or pick ourselves up dust ourselves off and move on. I always say My life will go on with or without you it’s up to you if you choose to be in it you make the choice but if you going to be in it then be in it, if not then don’t, it’s up to you.

There is always someone out there whose life is harder than yours for me when life gets hard I always think of that child who has lost both their parents and are now having to raise their siblings instead of getting a school education or that child whose parent does not want them. In the end then my life ain’t that bad.

I thought that this being my first post I would share my testimony.

Kerry’s Testimonial

I was born on the 22nd of June 1979 to incredible Doctor and his Brazilian Wife. I was the Third Child to be born to this amazing couple. My mom was gorgeous and my Dad was the most amazing kind person you have ever met and very good at what he did. He was an opthalmologist.It was one day three years later when our lives changed forever. My mom and I were on our way to fetch my sister from Ballet with a friend of mine on our way there my mom died while driving the car and crashed into a small wall.While I don’t remember much I remember seeing my mom lying there, I remember her taking her last breathe and the feeling of confusion while I called out mom and could not wake her up. I remember much after that. Our lives went on while we tried to pick up the pieces. My dad was now a single parent to three young kids.My gran moved in to our house and in the process giving up her life to help her son raise her three grandkids. It was about two years later when my dad met my next mom and boy were we lucky and she came with two extra older brother’s. My dad had met his second true love. They fell in love and got married on my sixth birthday. The best birthday present a girl could ask for a new mom and two new brother’s but our happiness was not meant to last forever. I can’t remember how long after they were married that my new mom found out she had cancer but it does not matter.She eventually died due to the cancer when I was sixteen.It was the day after Valentine’s day and I remember it like yesterday.I was at boarding school in my second to last year of school. I was in Biology class when the call came over the intercom for me to go to the headmasters office. When I arrived at the office there was my dad’s sister and her husband waiting for me as my mom had taken her last breathe. We then started the long Two hour drive home.The next few days were a blur we had my mom’s funeral and about 4 or 5 days after she had died I was back at school. The following year which was my final year at school I fell pregnant. It took me six months to work up the courage to tell my dad and I took the easy way out when telling him. I phoned him from boarding school as I was about to go for dinner and the night before he was flying to Switzerland for work he wanted to cancel his trip but I told him to go as I was going to be seeing him in a few days time when it was half term.I packed up all my things told my house mother I was starting to take things home now so that I would not have to much to take home at the end of the year and I went my dad then phoned the school and told them I would not be returning. I spent my last few months of matric at home and wrote my final exams at another school and passed. My son was born about a week later on the tenth December and everything was good. In this time my dad had met another women whom non of us liked. They were married when my son was fifteen months. Exactly a month after their wedding they decided to drive up to Jo’burg from Durban to my sis and my one brother. I had wanted to go with but did not go because the women he was married to hated children. She had not married my dad for love but for his money because he was a doctor she thought he was rich.On the way to Jo’burg tragedy struck again.They were in a car accident with no survivors. Our lives were turned upside down.Our house had to be sold. We all had to find jobs. I needed to finish studying and we had to bury our dad. Life still has not been easy. We found out my son has a mild mental disability and is ADD and Dyslexic.We never found out the extent of his problems but I raised him on my own with no help from his dad.My son is now 19 years old and we are still managing.

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